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For the tennis player looking to improve the mental part of their game, there is a great little book I have been reading. “The Best Tennis of Your Life… 50 Mental Strategies for Fearless Performance,” by Jeff Greenwald is a great addition to your library.

For credentials, Greenwald is a sports psychologist who was also #1 in the world in the 35’s. His book consists of 50 two-four page “chapters” that explore singular facets of the mental side of tennis.

More than just “be in the moment,” he gives you some real and tangible action steps you can take to help put you there. For example, everyone tells you to “focus” better during a match and big points; but Greenwald gives some techniques, like “Before matches, track things longer with your eyes. Avoid rushing and try not to let your eyes dart around too much.” He also points out players sharpen their focus by looking at their strings between points.

Since reading this book one time (I am now going back through and yellow-highlighting key points), I can really feel a significant change in how I approach my game. While not yet totally “fearless,” my strokes appear to be a lot freer and less muscled – or tentative.

In future postings, I will share some more of his tips – but do yourself a favor and pick up this little book for yourself (available through Amazon).

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  1. Ordered it today, George.

    Len – you are the third person to tell me that!  (so maybe i should get a commission)  – george

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