Doubles tournament

Wednesday was a clear and warm (81*) day in SW Florida as we played our second round of doubles against the #5 seeds of Don Long (who beat me in singles) and his partner Bill Berry, both of New York state.

The first set was over in a matter of minutes, with their lobbing and volleying their way to a 6-0 bagel.

I reminded my partner Larry Letwin that we had lost the second set on Tuesday with a similar bagel ,,, and bounced back the next set. Well, Mr. Mo came over to our side and we ran out to a 5-1, 30-love lead!

I then blew a sitter at the net and Mr. Mo got mad and went over to the other side. They broke, held, broke, and were serving at 4-5 when we got our act back together to take the second set 6-4.

But the third set was a return of actions in the first and they were able to take us 6-0, 4-6, 6-2 (even though the tournament website shows us winning, we did not).

Except for two or three “tight shots” on my part, I was happy with the “mostly fearless tennis” that I played today. It is a philosophy worth working at; and will soon be part of my game.

P.S. I think with the steady play of either Tom McCune or Dick Valentine, we would have won today.