Who’s Playing Next Week?

The draws are out for next week’s big Category II tournament at Naples Bath & Tennis (aka “Academia Sanchez-Casal”). Here is the lineup of some matches of interest:

  • Me vs. Larry Letwin of Bath MI (anyone know his game?) @ 10:30 Monday,
  • Tom McCune vs. Roger Upton (who I beat and we beat in doubles) @ 10:30 Monday,
  • Len Saltzman (Newk camp friend) vs. Clive Kileef (who beat us in doubles) @ 10:30 Monday,
  • Bob Dilworth vs. Michael Nathan Silver Spring, MD Mon 9:00,
  • Nick Ourusoff (New Hampshire tennis friend) @ 10 on Tuesday,
  • Jack Lease (Pelican Bay) vs. Richard Bowling @ 9 on Tuesday,
  • Gordon Hammes #3 seed (Pelican Bay) vs. Joe Friedes @ 9 on Tuesday.
      Come out and enjoy.