Cape Coral Singles

Today was the start of the third USTA Super Seniors event in Cape Coral, Florida (about half way between Naples and Sarasota). My opponent was Dave Taylor, who drove the one hour down from Sarasota, where he live and plays at the Bath & Tennis club there.

He has solid ground strokes, vollies, and a good serve; but seemed to me during warmup that his movement was suspect. That proved to be the case. He told me afterwards that he was ‘overweight and out of singles shape.’ So my strategy was “Patience and movement”… making him run and my getting to everything I could to keep the points going longer.

He tired and I was able to win 6-2, 6-2. My doubles partner Tom McCune had a great match, beating the #5 seed by a better score: 6-1, 6-2.

The Power of the Mind: One note of real interest for me today was the impact the “mental tennis” book I am reading seemed to have on my game. I will write in more detail about this neat, little book when I am done with it; but I was reading it while waiting to get on the court and was able to put into practice some of the author’s good thoughts.

One of the mini chapters is on “playing without fear,”… being able to put aside the consequences and hit out on your shots. One example: I was serving at 6-2, 5-2 and had just blown a simple shot to bring it back to deuce. So a little self-doubt began creeping into my mind (“George, don’t start making mistakes and let him back in the match.”) So I stopped and told myself to relax my arm and swing out on the serve. Ace!

My second round match is Tuesday at 9 am against the #5 seed James Lazenby of Birmingham, AL. All I can learn is that he is a “solid player and uses that weird two-handled tennis racquet.”

3 thoughts on “Cape Coral Singles

  1. George,
    Nice going.

    I saw Jim Lazenby play a match several years ago. If I remember correctly, his groundstrokes feature slow, high-bouncing topspin shots and I thiink he uses a two-handed backhand. It won’t be easy but I think you can take him. Good luck!


    hi Dag – thanks for the input!  geo.

  2. What’s this word vollies? Is that French? Have you run into Bill Simonton or Jeff Mullins from here at Sea Oaks in Vero Beach? Big guy who was an All American at Duke and played also for the Warriors. Gene

    Hi Gene (or is it Hygiene?) – you are probably correct… the word should be “volleys”.  And yes, have met and talked with Bill Simonton.  We will try to play some down here and up there.


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