Cambier Park doubles II

It was a matter of momentum in today’s second round doubles match against the #2 seeded team of Corso and Long from NY.

In the first set, we started by breaking their serve; but gave it right back. And we stayed on serve until we were serving at 3-4 and got broken. They held to take the first set 6-3.

In the second set, our good movement and offensive play gave us the Mo and we jumped out to a 5-0 lead! With them serving, we had a set point; but didn’t convert it; so they held. And then they broke us. We did manage to break them and take the second set 6-2.

But I think the momentum had started to switch at the end of the second set; so after a five minute+ break, Mr. Mo decided to change sides on us for good. We were never in the third set; and they steam-rolled us 6-1.

Very frustrating. (I have just iced my leg and it is time to go in the hot tub).

2 thoughts on “Cambier Park doubles II

  1. tough lost…and disappointing. but, you hung in. take care of the bode…we only have one! although, i’ve gotten some “spare” parts!

  2. george. you guys lost to a pretty good team right there.

    Joe – yes, but they were beatable.

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