Cambier Park singles: second round

With two Alleve, a thigh wrap, and extra stretching for my pulled groin muscle, I took the court today in the second round of the singles against Richard Shipman of North Carolina, who beat the #5 seed yesterday.

Richard is a solid player with: a big first serve, solid forehand, and heavy slice backhand. Having seen him play some yesterday, my game plan (partially due to my bad leg) was to play heavily to his backhand and come to net as much and as soon as possible. I served/vollied about half the time; and came in on some ground strokes. He said afterwards, “your strategy was really effective, I don’t think I saw more than three forehands in the first set.” While the points and games were good – and the set took about one hour – he won it 6-2.

In the second set, my main objective was not to injure my leg any more than it was; so it was less competitive. He is a strong player; and if I were healthy, it would have been closer. But I am feeling good and ready for the first round of doubles on Wednesday at 3:30 p.m. against Tony Cessna (KY) and Roger Upton (GA), who I beat in the first round of singles.