Tournament #2: Cambier Park singles

Well, I “Riced” (rest/ice/compression/elevation) my groin injury from last week’s doubles in Ft. Myers (see posting below) over the weekend and played singles today at Cambier Park, Naples, in the second of the four January USTA tournaments.

My opponent was Roger Upton, a nice guy and nice player from Atlanta. During the warm-up my leg felt fine and I determined he did not have any real weapons to beat me. So if I could stay healthy, focused, and play controlled aggressive tennis, I would be OK.

In the first set, I held and broke and felt in control serving the third game, when I felt the groin pull again. My movement became limited; but I struggled to hold and he held serve to make it 3-1 me. His best shot was a two-handed backhand angled cross court, which was the toughest move for me to make; so I decided to serve and volley/ and come to the net whenever I could. The strategy surprised him enough that I was able to take the set at 6-1.

In the second set, the strategy and my shots were still working and I went up 4-1 serving. He then started zeroing in on the nice target of my limping to the net and got Mr. Mo on his side to bring it back to his serving at 5-5!

When he went up 40-love, I confess to thinking about getting it to a tie breaker; but he missed a couple of shots. On the next point, 40-30, I pushed myself wide just to “get one more ball back in play” and his missed a sitter at the net. Mr. Mo switched to my side and I was able to break and then serve it out to take the set and the match 7-5.

Tomorrow’s next round will be at 12:30 against a player from North Carolina who I do not know, Richard Shipman; but saw him upset the #5 seed Tony Cessna, from KY.

Opinion wanted: from anyone with expertise in muscle/tendon pulls… mine is inside my thigh, attaching into the groin area. If I can play with the discomfort, any real danger of major injury?

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  1. George,
    I can only speak from my experience. My first groin pull was in a tournament singles match 20 years ago. I continued to play in a limited way. Won that match but was blown out in the next, then had to have ~ 3 -4 weeks rest before I began to play some easy tennis. Probably five to six weeks were needed for full recovery. I then soon learned how important warming up before playing, then stretching the groin, to prevent a recurrence.

    Had another mild groin pull in a singles match about ten years ago. Compression shorts helped, plus icing. Advil is helpful but can mask the protective pain. I played my next match but only at about 50%. Don’t push it too far or I think you could really severely aggravate the injury and be laid up for an extended period.


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