Ft. Myers singles

In the second singles match of this tournament, my opponent was Donald Long, #3 seed from NY. Never having played him, I asked around and could just learn that he is “a very solid player,” who plays a lot of squash, and therefore is wristy with a wicked slice.

I didn’t play too well in the first set and he won 6-2; but at the end of the set I saw that he ran around his forehand to hit his backhand. His backhand was excellent: crosscourt, down the line, short, long, vollies, etc. So in the second set, I played more to his forehand, which was not as strong and tried to run him a little more.

My best chance against these “northerners” who just come down for the January tournaments is to get them early in the month, before they really get in shape and used to the Florida heat (it was again in the low 80’s today).

We played on serve and about even for the first five games; and I got a quick sense that he may have been tiring after about an hour in the sun. But he was able to pull himself and his game together to win the second set. Although the score was the same, the points and games were a lot closer. He was better and he won.

Afterwards, one of the top seeds advised me: next time, stay away from his backhand, and hit more looping shots, which he would have more trouble with due to his continental grip.

To put the loss in perspective, I reminded myself that on the way up to the tournament today, I spotted a billboard just before the exit with the smiling face of my prostate surgeon.

Next up: doubles, Thursday afternoon against the #3 seeds, San Diego’s Bob Royden (who Tom and I both have a singles history with) and his partner Dave Webber from NE).

2 thoughts on “Ft. Myers singles

  1. Geez, George, don’t tell everybody how to play us “Northerners”! It’s tough enough as it is. Too bad about the loss, but it sounds like you played well and your “perspective” at the end really says it all. By the way, I’ll throw this out to anyone reading this who might be able to help, I’m still looking (I think) for a doubles partner for the Naples 65 tournament. I had talked to George Shubic but haven’t heard from him again and can’t get in touch with him anywhere. If anybody knows of someone looking or is interested themselves, please get in touch with me. You can check with George as far as my “credentials”. I would like to play in the doubles competition as well as singles, where I’m already entered.

    Len: i gave your name to someone at the ft. myers’ tournament yday.  will let you know if he expresses interest next week at Cambier.  george

  2. Glad you’re enjoying the tournament—win or lose. Proper perspective does help. I’m going to look for one of those “billboards” myself! Stay pain free and have fun. How’s that for perspective!!!!!

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