Double Points Drill

Some people will practice. Others need to “keep score.” Here is a great drill that you can have fun with and accomplish several goals.

I call it the “Double Points Drill.” It works to help you:

  1. Reduce double faults,
  2. Return serve with depth,
  3. Work hard to get to the ball,
  4. and Go for the winner.

Like a regular singles set, it is played on a singles court, with one person serving the whole game. The first player to reach 11 points (win by 2) wins the game.

The scoring is designed to “punish” bad behavior and “reward” the extra effort:

  • One point given for any point won in a normal manner.
  • Two points (to the opponent): for a double fault, or a return of serve into the net.
  • Or two points to the player who hits a “winner” (any serve, return, drop shot, ground stroke, lob, etc) that your opponent doesn’t at least get a racquet on.

When I have played this drill game, I find that my opponent and I are much more aware (especially in critical situations) about:

  • Getting the first serve in, so you don’t double fault.
  • Getting that return of serve back in play (and over that two-point-penalty net).
  • Going for the put away, when it is available.
  • And conversely, trying extra hard to get to the ball, so your opponent does NOT get that two points.

In a practice session, Tom McCune did that one against me and not only got to a tough shot; but hit a winner back — which made it a four point swing in the game! That is the kind of psychological “big point” that sometimes swings a regular tennis match.