Y Doubles Tournament

Tom McCune and I teamed up this weekend to play in the North Naples YMCA doubles tournament.

We played in the 9.0 category – that is any combination of ratings that added up 9.0, with no age restrictions. While there were some 150+ people entered in all the brackets, there were only four teams in ours; so we played the “semi-finals” this morning.

Our opponents were two 30-something Y Guys, Jason and Kareem. Jason was slightly older and better, with a big topspin forehand. Kareem was a younger black athlete, who had not been playing the game long, but was extremely quick and athletic.

Tom and I tried to play the majority of shots to Kareem and took the first set 6-3 (one break). In the second set, they got many more balls back and we just couldn’t put the ball away when we had the opportunities. They won the second set 7-5.

We played a third set, 10-pointer, which was just a continuation of the second set; and they won.

Tom and I were both disappointed with how we played: missing shots we shouldn’t have and not putting away those we had a chance to. It was a match we “should have” won had we played both smarter and better.

2 thoughts on “Y Doubles Tournament

  1. You know, I played a tabletennis match like that this past Thursday evening. Lost deuce in the 5th to somebody I guarantee you I will beat next time. Which may be next week!

  2. Too bad, George. Better luck to you and Tom next time. We have all had matches we think we should have/could have won.

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