The Day the Forehand Returned

It has been a solid four months that every hard forehand hurt my shoulder.

Well in addition to (and much less monumental than) a new Obama presidency, I wake today with NO pain after hitting hard forehands for an hour and a half yesterday!

My young (41) friend Marc VanDam and I played “cross court singles” yesterday. Besides the issue of “the shoulder”, it is a very interesting game, which allows an older me to even the playing field with the younger opponent by cutting the court in half and making it more of a skill game than a footrace (which I will never win against him).

During the warm-up, I realized that my shoulder still hurt when I did not move my feet to get in proper position to hit the forehand out in front; but it did NOT hurt when I hit the shot correctly. What great bio feedback! Hit the ball wrong it hurts. Hit the ball right and it doesn’t.

Well I played almost normally (96%) and hit forehands that were there; and we split sets.

President-elect Obama and I are both smiling this morning.