Sony Ericsson Championships

The women’s year-end tournament is being played right now in Baha (yea, you know right where that is, correct?).

If you get The Tennis Channel, you can watch the live matches Tuesday-Friday, 9 am – 3 p.m. ET each day; then the semis and finals over the weekend.

Like all the recent year-enders, the eight top female players (who are still walking by the end of the long tennis season), are broken down into two groups. In one group are the two Serbian women and two of the four Russians. The other group has both Williams sisters and two more Russians.

My prediction? At least one Williams sister makes it to the finals (it is possible for both of them to do it, in spite of being in the same group). And they play against one of the Serbs, probably Jancovic. The winner: you pick.

And then the Nadal-less men’s year-ender starts the following week from China.

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