Willy – Camp Day 4

George – Typical Texas weather! the temperature dropped down 20’ over night and it was very chilly in the morning. Nothing you want for your 4th day of competition when you back is stiff and your muscles are sore.
….. I had to play Len Salzberg again, who I barely beat a couple of years ago in a super tiebreaker. I think it was one of my better matches this week at fantasy camp, because Len played extremely well and made me run all over the court. I was able to beat him 6:3 & 6:3

In the afternoon Kevin Castner and I played Terry Long (George’s doubles partner) and Dan Kalb in doubles. We won the 1st set 6:2 and were up 40-0 serving the 1st game of the 2nd set when Terry & Dan broke us and took the 2nd set 6:1……. Despite our collapse in the 2nd set ,Kevin & I came out very confident for the super tiebreaker and beat Terry and Dan 10:1

Later that afternoon, we watched the two undefeated teams (Dunnies/Musclemen ) decide this year champion by a 3 match and 10 points tiebreaker. The Dunnies came out victorious and ended the 3 year dominance of the Musclemen.

I had a great week. I went 7:0 ,including my fantasy match this week and only lost in the past 6 years to that SOB and my very good friend George Wachtel, who I hope is back next year to kick my butt again….

Tomorrow morning we have drills with the legends from 9:00 – 12:00 am and afterwards we say ‘Goodbye’ till next year The End Best regards Willy

P>S> Terry – we looking forward to seeing you in Naples in December !!!

2 thoughts on “Willy – Camp Day 4

  1. Willy – thanks for the update and CONGRATULATIONS on your personal performance. One thing is obvious: they need to move you UP on the ladder. See you when you get back home.

  2. What do they say in Hollywood – write anything you want about me, just spell my name right! Willy did the number on me again (Len Saltzman) and even though the score seemed a little lopsided, it was a war again, Willy being too modest to mention the behind the back shot he hit at one point and won the point. My only “consolation” was that he seemed to be breathing harder when we finished than I was. We put in our three hours this morning, starting at 8:00 with doubles featuring Mike Rennels, Jimmy Miller, Kevin Kastner and me. It was in the 40’s when we started but quickly warmed up and then we did the two hours of drill which would almost make the entire trip cost effective and enough fun by themselves.
    I had the pleasure of riding back to the airport with Harry Demetriou, and I know we all hope to see Harry back next year playing again, along with you, George.
    See you in January

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