Willy – Camp Day 3

George – After 4 days, Larry and Jason , who are our physical trainers, have their hands full…. tons of ice are being used and there is muscle which hasn’t been work on…….the line in front of the massage room is getting longer and longer!

…… this morning I had to play my very good friend Alfredo Landsberger from Sao Paolo / Brazil I was able to win the 1st set 6:3 ,got stronger and more consistent in the 2nd set and won 6:0.

In the afternoon Kevin and I played Ed Tunik from Connecticut and Mike Pfeifer , a rookie from Houston,Tx.  Kevin played a very good match and we were able to beat them 6:2 & 6:0.  Unfortunately it was not enough to beat the Musclemen ,who are now playing the Dunnies (who beat the Wankers) tomorrow for the Championship.

In the late afternoon I played my Fantasy Match with Geoff Masters against Dick Stockton and Mike – also called Rambo.  Geoff and I made it a good day for me, because we beat them 6:2.

But he highlight of the day was or course the Kangaroos winning the Australian Boat Race !!!! More to follow Best regards Willy

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  1. Hi Willy – thanks for the updates. I can get a feel of what i am missing. And if i read the notes correctly, you are going into the last day undefeated in singles and doubles! And my poor Wankers are languishing in last. Sorry i could not be there to help them this year.

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