Willy – Camp Day 2

George – We started at 8:30 am with the morning singles matches and I was seated @ 5 and had to play Marty Judge, a very tough player and former doubles partner.

After going back & forth in the 1st set , I was able to win the 1st set 6:4. In the 2nd set I played a lot more concentrated and was annoying poor Marty with my slice. I won the set 6:0

In the afternoon I was paired with Kevin Castner, a very good lefty from San Francisco. Again I had to play Marty Judge and his doubles partner Jon Jannotta from Las Vegas. After our winning the 1st set 6:4, Jon and Marty came back and beat us 7:5 in the 2nd Super Tiebreaker !!! after being down 2-4 and 3-6, Kevin and I came back to beat them 10-8.

Unfortunately it was not enough to secure the Kangaroos the win over the Dunnies.

In the other matchup, the Musclemen beat the Wankers . More to follow. Regards, Willy

Willy – thanks for the update.  I feel sorry for Marty and for Roy Emerson’s Wankers: they were regular winners until i joined the team five years ago; and haven’t won since!  I wish i was there to try to help.

have fun.  George.

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  1. Hello, George – thought you might like an update from a bloodied (but unbowed) Wanker. It looked good on paper, but we lost a lot of matches at the bottom in the AM, and the doubles turned out a disaster. I won my morning singles, but Terry and I lost a super T 11-9, Byron had to default with a pulled hamstring, and we won only two doubles. But we’re hopeful about today. Mike (Rambo) is coming back strong, and we’ll give the Dunnies a run today. We’re missing your spot here and know that next year that void will be filled. Keep up the rehab and send us positive vibes!
    Len Saltzman

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