Willy’s Notes from Camp

George – After everybody arrived yesterday , we did the usual doubles play and the Legends had an opportunity to check out the rookies (only 10 this year). There are , beside you , also a lot of other regulars missing.

Yesterday night was the draft and teams were announced after dinner. I’m back ( my sixth year ) with Newk’s kangaroos. This morning we had our team practice and drills. It was good workout and we will continue team practice ( doubles ) this afternoon after everybody had their pictures taken with the Legends.

The most important thing for my team this afternoon will be to create a good battle cry. Newk has already some ideas…..More to follow. Best regards, Willy

1 thought on “Willy’s Notes from Camp

  1. Day 2…. Willy beat me 6-4, 6-0 in singles this morning. Damn, I hate slice. 🙂 – Marty Judge

    Marty – Willy moved down here last year; and i have successfully AVOIDED playing him in singles!  Wish i was there. geo.

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