Testing the shoulder

Well, today was the day. After two months of shoulder pain, long stretches of rest/no play, and a ‘cortisone shot’ last week, I tested my shoulder with one hour of hitting with Marc VanDam (in 90 degree heat).

The end result? The shoulder passed the first two tests. While I still hit 90% backhands, the topspin forehands did NOT hurt, like they regularly did over the summer. And after icing when I got home, there does not appear to be any real pain. The third test will be to see how it feels tomorrow morning.

Tennis Camp? For a change in my life, I will try to be “mature” about the comeback this time and do it slowly; so there is no way I can get ready for my all-time favorite Newk’s Camp in eleven days (and I have the fear of injuring it two days into camp and then still playing “to win one for Emmo.”) So I will call Steve Contardi and tell him that this will break my string of five consecutive camps, since my cousin Joel gave me my the first one for my 60th.

Next time, I will talk about some rehab ideas that seem to work.

6 thoughts on “Testing the shoulder

  1. George – what a bummer! We’re going to miss you this year, but you’re most likely doing the right thing by not risking relapse/further injury. As Scarlett told Rhett, “tomorrow is another day”, and with the winter tournament season approaching, you should be able to back into top shape. I’ll be looking forward to seeing and playing with you in January. Stay well.
    Len Saltzman

    Lenny – Sorry about your Chicago teams in the playoffs.  I too look forward to seeing you down here in Paradise in January for the tournaments!  geo,

  2. Hey George, I’m going to “second” Len’s “What a bummer” sentiment — We
    Wankers are going to miss you being there for the team, as I’m sure we’re all
    going to miss having you there, helping to make the camp the special week that
    it is.
    It probably is the best move for the health of your shoulder, and I sure hope
    your rehab continues until you’re 100%.
    If all goes well, I’m sure Emmo will look forward to you coming back to help
    the Wankers win the championship in 2009!
    Best, Jimmy

    Jimmy – Thanks for the kind words.  One of my fondest memories of last year was the surprising success you and i had teaming up together — altho i had that “old guy target” painted on my chest!

    see you next year,

  3. George,

    My shoulder is not any better. It does hurt afterwards. But Ibuprophen, Ice and tiger Balm after each session – should get you through the week. Reconsider and lets gut it out Together fellow Wanker. Call Steve back – I am serious. Larry starr will get us through this…..

    Mike Rennels

    Mike – There were two bulls standing up on a hill, overlooking a pasture full of beautiful cows. The young bull said, “Let’s run down the hill and ‘service’ a few of those ladies!” The old bull looked at him and replied, “Let’s WALK down the hill and service them all.”

  4. George, I will miss your daily blogs. Had I known taht you will not bethere, I might have gone, just to keep up with all the bull that happens there. I feel much better and do consider coming back next year. Just in case on the 10th is Fred’s 70th birthday! All the best and any camper who reads this, keep us informed what happens!

    Rolf (Jaeger)

    Rolf – we will both have to rely on someone else to fill us in on all the good stories!  who will that be?  geo.

  5. George, like all of the other campers who have commented, I too will miss seeing you at Newk’s this year. I am quite sure that, Emmo being Emmo, he will still find a way to win without you. However, while it was always a pleasure playing against you because you are such a gentleman and have such a great game, I have to say that I will not miss you and Terry making such a tough doubles team. Do you guys ever miss a ball???? LOL

    I do hope your shoulder heals to the point that you will be able to play as much as you want. I can understand the sentiment about not wanting to risk it, though. If it is any comfort to you, I think you are doing the right thing by not going to Newk’s this year. I have made some personal mistakes about trying to play at Newk’s with an injury, as follows:

    You may or may not be aware of this, but I have had foot problems (actually with both of my big toes) through most of this decade, and it has greatly inhibited my tennis for a long time. I had surgery on one toe in 2001 and I was ok for, maybe, 2002 and 2003, until the second toe got much worse. I “considered” not returning to Newk’s each year during the mid-decade so I could have surgery on the second toe because, well, basically, I could not really run anymore. But, rather stupidly, I decided to “tough it out” and I continued to return to Newk’s for several more years, between 2004 and 2006, when I really should not have. I finally broke down and had the foot surgery in April 2007 and, as you will recall, I was back at Newk’s last year but I still had some trouble running because it takes a good year to 18 months to recover from the kind of surgery that I had.

    This year, I am actually able to run for the first time since about 1998-99 without any real pain in my feet. I cannot begin to describe for you how wonderful that feels, but it does seem remarkable that it has taken a decade from my tennis life to get here. Unfortunately, over the last decade, the rest of my game (and my general conditioning) have also declined, I think, largely due to my inability to play as much as I would have liked. Still, I am just grateful that I can now run and I have a renewed enthusiasm for the game that I have not had in a long, long time.

    So, you are being wise to take it slow, I think. Treat your body well and you will still be playing in your 80’s and 90’s, I am sure. Get well soon, my friend — and see you next year.

    – Marty

    Marty – You are tough enough with nine toes!  Having ten that work will be a challenge.  Thanks for the kind words.  See you in 09.  geo

  6. whomever you are,Marty Judge, I couldn’t agree with you more. My personal story may not be about toes, but the difference doesn’t matter. Maturity,experience,intelligence, whatever or all of the above helped to come to George’s conclusion. Newk it. It will be there. gf330

    Grace – Yes, I will “Newk it” this year; but for renewed fusion (with my buddies) next year!

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