The Shoulder Part V

Today was the appointment with Orthopedic Dr. Havig (recommended by Dick Valentine and George /Ellen Morton) to look at my x-rays and shoulder.

He confirmed “our” diagnosis: Probably bicep tendonitis (with the possibility of a small tear). He gave me a shot (not Cortisone, but of that family of steroids), which should take 3-4 days to take effect. In the meantime, I should

  • take two Aleve pills twice a day,
  • ice it,
  • don’t lift weights,
  • no heavy lifting,
  • No tennis for 7-10 days.

When I pushed him about going to camp in less than three weeks, he said the shot may ‘cure’ the problem. Going to camp may undue the cure.

I am going for physical therapy starting on Friday and will continue to work my legs as best I can to keep at least the lower part of my body (and sanity) in shape. I have defined a new exercise: I go out for a “Jalk”… it is one part Jog and three parts Walk; but that will only cover one-third of the need for camp. My upper body and tennis strokes + hand-eye/tournament play will sorely be lacking.

I called Steve Contardi to talk about my options for the camp; and told him that the week is unquestionably the highlight of my tennis year. He was very understanding and will hold my slot open till the last minute. I think it is at best 50-50 at this point.

I call the doctor in two weeks: if pain not gone, he will schedule MRI. We shall see.

5 thoughts on “The Shoulder Part V

  1. Hi George,I’m surprised that an MRI wasn’t ordered when you met with him. When I severed my shoulder tendons and tore my rotator cuff that’s the way they diagnosed it. Why wait ,get him to order you one.
    Good luck George.

    Jim – The Doc figures there is a good chance the shot will do the trick; and if not, we can do more.  How are you doing?

  2. If surgery is not required, then rest and drugs are the only thing that can possibly cure your problem. Tennis camp this year would not be a good thing for you as it could ruin tennis for the remaining season. You need to make a smart decision.
    We have all been there!!!!!!

    Dick – i know, (counter to my normal) i am trying to take a longer range view!  tks

  3. I hope that strategy works for you, George. We need you in Texas. I tend to agree with the MRI sooner rather than later – my wife struggled with a shoulder problem and did therapy for a long time until an MRI finally revealed the rotator problem. I hope the shot and staying in shape plan works, and if it starts to look good, I would also add short sprinting and some plyometric exercises to your “get ready” routine.

  4. George, my shoulder was hurting similiar to yours. I went to PT for quite a while before an MRI. Mistake. Get MRI done now. My timetable – I could feel it tear on a volley in April, rehab until December, surgery in February, back on court in September, first tennis win in December. It was a very long, unpleasent journey. I had to abandon one hand volley and backhand. There is much more – he wanted to do a second surgery but I wouldn’t. Anyway I have much experience in overcoming a shoulder problem. It is much too long for this blog. If you want to talk, let me know and I will call you.

    arnie – thanks for the advice.  i will call you, if the shot doesnt do the trick.

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