The (different) Serbs

All people are different. And the three hot Serbian tennis players are just that.

If she wins this weekend, Jelena Jankovic will take over the number 1 spot for the first time. And while she may not actually be the best female tennis player in the world right now, her (temporary) stay at the top spot is well-earned based on her commitment to play. She also has a smile on her face when she is on the court; and speaks honestly during interviews.

Her fellow female, Ana Ivanovic has more game than Jelena; but is not as mentally tough. As she matures – both physically and mentally – she could well return to the top spot in the world. And she is pleasant to look at.

On the men’s side, there is the talented Novak Djokovic. I really go up and down on how I feel about him. Right now, I am down… I think his pleasant persona (when he chooses to put it on) is only for the crowd and the money-side of the business. Deep down, I think he is the temperamental, sarcastic, injury-faking player he has been accused of being. Let’s hope that The Fed takes care of him this weekend (and we have the Nadal-Fed final we are hoping for). Well, two out of three being true winners ain’t bad.

2 thoughts on “The (different) Serbs

  1. PS – I played last week; but have decided to take another two weeks off from tennis (and do leg work; so if i do get to go to Newk camp, at least i can run around the court!)

  2. Agreed,agreed,agreed!-that’s for all three players. As for him– he seems to be typical Serb. Though I’ve never met one. I don’t like him and don’t enjoy watching him. I’m sure his brilliant tennis talent will keep him in the game for quite a while. I better learn to keep my focus on his game and ignore ALL the rest of him!!!! Enjoy Newk Camp!!

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