The Shoulder Part IV

After two weeks of not holding a racquet, it is time to do something about my shoulder. For those who have any interest (that would include anyone who I have the pleasure of playing with), here are the key points:

  • I have been taking Ibuprofen, resting, and icing for two weeks;
  • Hit lightly on Tuesday for about 30 minutes;
  • It felt “OK” but with some discomfort and was a little sore the next morning;
  • Tried to get into see a recommended orthopedist at Dartmouth Medical, but he was booked till the middle of September;
  • So I called the recommended Dr. Havig’s office down in Naples, who wouldn’t do anything for me till I got back in a month;
  • Next on the list was my regular Naples GP, who faxed me authorization to go to the local hospital and have an x-ray taken;
  • The results were faxed back to him and show a possible bone spur; With the recommendation, “Other wise the x-ray was normal. You can use Tylenol for the pain. If the pain persist you may need to see orthopedic for further evaluation.”
  • I have booked an appointment with Dr. Havig the day after I arrive in Naples.

Hope to see y’all on the court sometime soon.

8 thoughts on “The Shoulder Part IV

  1. The X-ray wouldn’t be able to show sof tissue injury. you would need an MRI fo that. I think that would be good information to have.

    Tks Bro – I am guessing the Naples Doc will get one done.  George

  2. i can understand the feeling that this issue must be a bigger problem than you are willing to admit. get the mri and find someone who can help you with yoga and stretching.

    Steve – I have been trying to do yoga, pilates, and stretching every day.  Regardless of the shoulder, it all makes me feel better.  tks. George

  3. Bone spurs is what I had. My shoulder hurt so much I couldn’t even throw a snowball. They told me that the spurs would eventually “saw” through nearby tissue and that I would have to have surgery sooner or later. I had surgery in 1997 and am pleased with the result. I lost a little range of motion but it didn’t affect my tennis – that I know of.

    Bill – i NEVER want to throw a snow ball again!  see you in Texas.


  4. George…get a MRI. X rays are not a good indicator and missed my tear until I had a MRI.

  5. George,

    Medical Protocol – In order:
    Cortisone shot
    Then Rehab, Ice, Ibuprophin and see
    Then MRI
    Then diagnosis
    It takes too long – 2-6 months

    If you want really fast turn around you need to be a professional athlete or tell them it is falling off……..

    From knowing I had something seriously wrong – a week after our camp last year Late Oct 2007 – until surgery Fen 7th 2008 was a series of doctor visits and scheduling. I wish I would have had surgery just after Thanksgiving – then I would have had the rehab mainly in the Winter months.

    I am going to serve this weekend. I am playing my Softball again and am able to hit without thinking about it. I can now throw into second base or the cut-off infielder from my out field position with minimal pain. My team took second in the over 40s for the state in my second tourney back from injury…..

    I will be back….to our camp ready to go….

    Very Long Road!!! Prolonged by the medical system…. After your surgery – DO your rehab right and religiously!! It makes the most difference

    MY SUGGESTION TO ALL – Say it hurts really bad (falling off your body) and demand that MRI ASAP to find the problem. MRI will spot a rotator cuff or Labrum tear quickly. Rehab will not help these items!


    Mike – I will see you at Newk’s !! , george

  6. Ditto to MRI and rehab! Been THERE, done THOSE. No surgery after rehab. Everyone and everyone’s issue is different.Find out about YOURS!!!

  7. Sorry for your shoulder problems. Hope the Doc in Naples will straighten you out.

  8. Smart move George!! Michael Havig has done my shoulder and my arm and I recommend him highly. Use my name when you see him!!

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