Olympic Tennis

Strangely, I only watched the finals of the Olympic tennis; and stopped to ask myself, “Why?”

I guess the prime reason is simply Time. Not enough of it in the day to work, watch all the other activities, live life, and watch tennis too.

Another part is probably recording time on my DVR and the fact that it is “old” and can “only” record one show at a time (how technology advances!). So typically at the end of the day, I have been fast-forwarding through all the late night events I didn’t stay up for the night before + the day time coverage.

But I think there is also more to it. We all get to see Nadal, Federer, and company play tournaments almost every week on TV + the four majors that take up two weeks of TV coverage.

And the Olympic heroes of Michael Phelps, Dana Torres, the other swimmers, all the gymnasts (with that incredible strength), and now the track and field folks – they all only really come to our attention once every four years. There is a heckuvalot more drama in somebody working hard every day for four years to take their one shot at stardom vs. one of our tennis “heroes” not really trying as hard as they can in a Big Match (think of any recent example you want).

Sorry I have to go now and see how The Jamaican Lightning Bolt does in the 200m (wouldn’t he make a great wide receiver?!).

1 thought on “Olympic Tennis

  1. I think we would have seen much more of it had there been an american in the final.But I was really dissapointed with the fact it wasn’t shown more.
    Overseas they are getting a much more all round show.
    Kudos to america and of course Michael Phelps and what a nice guy

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