The Shoulder Part III

“Necessity is the mother of invention.” Plato may not have played much tennis; but his quote is relevant.

After abstaining from tennis for a week, while taking Aleve twice a day and icing it, the pain is reduced by about a half. So I played a set of light singles today (actually was going to play more, but we got rained out – again!).

Since the only stroke that really hurts is the topspin/drive forehand, I tried hitting a slice forehand – a shot I do not ever hit. Like our Aussie Legend friends, I tried hitting it with my backhand/Continental grip. And while it was erratic, it didn’t cause any real pain.

So out of this problem, may come a new stroke to add to the arsenal. And if the pain doesn’t totally go away shortly, I will try to see a specialist for a diagnosis, PT routine, and/or shot.

2 thoughts on “The Shoulder Part III

  1. George
    MRI showes a small tear, but should be able to manage with intensive PT. Since Fred would debate fairly accurately that I don’t have a serve it shouldn’t make any difference. Probably means I won’t see you at Newk’s. Jim Delavan

    Jim – I am glad it is not major; but sorry to hear that we may not see you at Newk’s.  I hope it progresses faster than projected.

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