The Shoulder Part II

I feel great about two things…

One is the great sense of “community” with all you other tennis nuts around the country. If you haven’t seen the thoughtful and helpful replies below, please take a minute to review them. In addition, friends from Philadelphia and San Francisco called to share their shoulder symptoms and stories.

And second is the feeling that I now have a plan of attack. Here is what I will be doing to address my shoulder problem:

  1. Cut the Luxilon strings out of both racquets and replace with softer strings (being done right now),
  2. Use a business trip next week to take a week off from even holding a racquet,
  3. During that time, ice it and gently stretch every day,
  4. Switch from Ibuprofen to Aleve and take one every 12 hours for the week,
  5. If the pain is not gone by this time next week, go see a specialist.

Thanks for caring,

5 thoughts on “The Shoulder Part II

  1. Sounds like a solid plan of attack George.
    Good luck with your shoulder.
    Looking forward to seeing you pain-free at Newk’s!

  2. george. i have had 2 torn rotator cuffs. my right shoulder in 1990. full repair 8 months rehab. my shoulder was a good as new.
    2 years ago i tore my left shoulder never had it repaired. it doesn’t bother me much (only once in a while), and i manage.
    if your shoulder is bothering you i would recommend seeing a specialist to see how bad it is. you could make the injury worse by self diagnosis. as much as you like tennis, i think it’s worth it.

    joe – i will be away on biz trip this week; so have a forced time off.  if not better when i get back, off to s specialist!  tks , george

  3. Good decision George. I’m glad your getting rid of the strings in your racquet. Remember if all of this doesn’t work, I would recommend that you see a Sports Specialist and I would recommend Dr. Michael Havig in Naples. He is the Olympic Specialist and is good!! Good Luck!!!!

    dick – thanks for the referral. Hopefully, the pain will go away., george

  4. George, Ellen has been to Dr Havig. We think he’s very good. Another plus, he went to Vanderbilt!! (my school).

  5. George, a week probably won’t be enough time to be pain free but you should feel better by then. My problem was bone spurs that eventually required arthroscopic surgery – I hope you don’t have that!

    Bill – I KNOW more time off would be better; but i am going stir-crazy! tks, George

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