Don’t Hit the Serve With Your Hip

While we were getting ready for last weekend’s doubles tournament, my New Hampshire doubles partner, B. Manning, and I were playing a practice singles match against each other; and he made a great observation as I double-faulted an “important” point.

A former teaching pro in his younger days, B said, “Don’t hit the serve with your right hip, but hit it with your racquet.”

This may be a little difficult to describe in words; but picture the situation… you are serving a critical second serve and tend to stiffen up your whole body and “step into the court” with your right side (for righties) and just “push” the ball (either softly into the box or, more likely, into the net).

His point is that we should hold our bodies back, as we do under normal serving, and first hit the ball with the racquet head – and then come through the ball with your body.

Watch some of your friends play and see if they don’t bring that right hip through too early on important second serves.