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There was a short tip in the May issue of Tennis magazine on how to improve your service toss. And I disagree with their advice.

The contributing pro suggested that the proper place to hold the ball on your toss is on your fingers; and gave an exercise to help players hone that skill.

But I feel that the more the ball is on the fingers, the more variable the height of the toss will be. I believe the ball held on the fingers will be subject to such a big variation on the amount of flex you put on your fingers, that the toss will be unreliable.

Just as pro golfers want to take their hands and wrists out of their putting stroke, I feel you should take your fingers out of the toss. Rather, I try to hold the ball closer to the palm of my hand; so the bigger muscles of the upper arm and shoulder will control the height of my toss.

How about you, where do you hold the ball on your service toss?

9 thoughts on “The Toss

  1. Hold the ball on the tips of the thumb and first two fingers-practice for consistency.

  2. Hi George, The toss–the most difficult part of the serve–for me anyway. The quality of the serve seems to depend on the consistency of the toss As a righty, doing anything with my left hand was very difficult. Knowing how to hold the ball and to do it with my left hand–well you know what I mean! I certainly will try your suggestion and thanks for bringing it up. gf

  3. Bob – If you agree with me, you can/t be wrong!

    George M – That’s an interesting technique; that i will try; but think it will still have too much variable for me. tks

  4. IMO, it’s about taking the wrist out of the serve. You can hold the ball on your fingers, or in your palm of your hand. The important thing is to use the wrist as little as possible, this is how you control your toss. Take a tennis ball, hold it both ways, and try the toss without using the wrist. You’ll see what i mean.

  5. Joe – i think i agree with you; because the more you bring the ball into the palm, the less likely you are to use the wrist. And the more it is in the fingers, the more the wrist flexes to add variable toss. PS what does “IMO” stand for?

  6. Another technique I like to use is to use your hand side ways — with your thumb and index finger up and your pinky down. Hold a ball gently with your thumb and index finger (as if placing the ball on the cup your thumb and index finger make) .
    There’s hardly any finger or wrist motion involved, and just raising your arm will produce the same toss every time.
    I think this method is not unconventional. Has anyone tried that??

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