The Challenge System

During major tennis events on TV, there is always discussion about the new player challenge system. And strangely, I agree with what Mary Carillo has to say.

She believes the technology is there to be used; so why should the players have to be the ones to question a call? If there is a close call, the umpire can within seconds check the call through Shot Spot (or whatever they use) and then correct the call.

For continuing the good fan interest the system has created, the whole stadium should be able to see the “correct call” through the 3-D animation on big screen and slow up play less than the old come-to-the-chair-and-argue system used to.

What we have now is similar to the archaic rules in baseball where the umpires on the first and third base lines can see whether the batter has come around with the bat; but can’t “make the call” unless someone asks.

And even sillier is what happens after a runner tags up following a fly ball to the outfield: the umpire standing by the base SEES that the runner has left early (in violation of the Rules of Baseball) but is not allowed to make the call unless someone asks him?!?!

Technology is here and will end up being used in all sports eventually; so why not now?

5 thoughts on “The Challenge System

  1. PS Here’s a question under the current system…. In the Nadal-Fed final, Nadal served and Fed crushed a return winner cross-court. The serve had been close to the line and the TV review (no challenge) showed that it was actually long. Here’s the question: could NADAL have challenged the “good” call on his own serve?

  2. With the speed of the balls in play these days
    I would not want to be a lines man for any amount of money
    Would you want to make those calls??????

  3. I believe the answer is YES – Nadal could have challenged the call on his serve. I’ve seen players challenge a call at their own baseline that, if successful, would go AGAINST the challenger e.g. a good sport sees the ball clearly out that was called in so he/she challenges it for the benefit of the opponent. Hence, Nadal should be able to challenge a service call that would go against him (ruled out) BUT in effect helping him (getting a let serve) provided he requested the challenge quickly.

  4. agreed with Mary–with whom i often agree! Sometimes, however, she could use “Shot Spot” when in the booth with John. Maybe she’d “sound” less intimidated by him!

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