Watching Wimbledon

Here is a note from fellow Newk Camper, Marty Judge on how to watch EVEN MORE Wimbledon and see the matches you want.

George:  If you have the right computer access, you can watch early matches at Wimbledon on line from the ESPN web site.

Basically, if you have Comcast or Verizon as your ISP, you can watch any one of a variety of matches in real time (i.e., live) broadcast from Wimbledon via ESPN. You are not bound to the TV feed that comes from ESPN, but you can choose among several specific matches that are offered for broadcast on those Wimbledon courts that have TV coverage as those matches are being played.

An added bonus if you are a Verizon subscriber is that you can watch the live broadcast from any computer having internet access anywhere (such as at work, if you can get away with it; a Starbucks; etc.). In other words, you do not have to be using a computer hooked up to your home ISP at the time you want to watch the matches. All you need to do with Verizon is enter your Verizon account number and password to take advantage of this feature.

Unfortunately, you can only watch the matches from your home ISP address if you are a Comcast subscriber.

Here is the link to the URL: –

Thanks to Marty Judge

3 thoughts on “Watching Wimbledon

  1. And to add to Marty’s comments about watching Wimbledon… if you are having trouble figuring out what the score is, here is what i think happens on that bar at the top of the ESPN screen:
    – the game and match score (2-6, 6-4, etc) follows the order of the names to the left
    – but the point score follows the server (indicated by the arrow)
    – buuuut the tie-break score goes back to whose name is first
    Complicated enough?@!

  2. Hi, Saw NO bears at Wimbledon today. And I’m sure you have all of the necessary yous covered. Looks like you can get out of the gym and go to the movies. Whatever—HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

  3. Is ESPN not the worse score board you have ever seen in your life
    even when you figure it out it is still bloody difficult
    but i must add great tennis,cant stop watching!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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