65 Singles Finals

Anthony Rasile, an in-shape, lefty, baseliner originally from Long Island and now from Naples, and I played our Naples 65 Singles finals this morning. From my scouting, I knew that he had an excellent lefty topspin forehand and could run very well; but had a weaker backhand and attackable serve. So I had wanted him to serve first from the north side (with the lefty facing the morning sun).

He won the toss and chose to serve; so I put him in the sun and broke him. But on my first service game, I fell behind 15-40 on the strength of his getting a lot of balls back. I was able to regain focus and control to hold serve; and then maintain that same combination the rest of the way.

My strategy was to hit to his forehand to open up his weaker backhand side; hit to that and come in behind a pressing shot, when it came up. The points were good and he had leads in several games; but the first set score was 6-0.

Key word to myself was “focus,” which continued into the second set. Toward the end of the second set during a changeover, he said, “This is my worst loss ever! I even got a game from Fred Drilling.” So there was my challenge. Final score: 6-0, 6-0.

At the end of the match, he paid me the best compliment I could hear, by not telling me how well I played; but how well I analyzed his game and exploited his weaknesses.

Next, The Wachtel Family Traveling Circus heads north this Friday.

12 thoughts on “65 Singles Finals

  1. Note to Willy Hoffmann: He lives in Pelican Landing; so you might have some fun hitting singles with him.

  2. Congrats George. Your game looked very good!! Great control of all your shots. I noticed that you seem more agressive when you are playing doubles but more in control at singles. You are the Naples 65 King!!

  3. Way to go, George!! Have a safe trip north and a good summer-if it ever arrives!!

  4. Dick – tks for taking the time to come down to watch this morning + for being my partner this season… it was fun!

  5. Congrats on the win. You were hitting well when we drilled on Wed.
    Have a nice summer!

  6. loved your comment about how to congratulate a winner and be a “good loser” May the traveling circus beware of the weather.It’s not Naples,Fl. up here. Oh,by the way, GREAT win!!

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