Naples 65 Singles Finals

Well, I scouted my opponent in his semi final match before our singles finals, scheduled for Tuesday morning at 9:30.

He is the #2 see Tony Rasile, a lefty baseliner, who looks to be in pretty good shape. From what I could see, he is steady and hits a loopy topspin forehand; but his backhand looked weaker and his serve looked attackable.

So my plan would be to attack his weaknesses, especially with my cross-court forehand to his backhand – and come in behind it, like Federer was doing against Nadal in the German Open final last Sunday.

By the way, if you just read the final score and didn’t see the match on Tennis Channel, it was one of the biggest momentum swings I have ever seen in men’s top ten tennis!

Fed was doing just what I described above and cruising along in the first set, serving 5-1, set point. He aced Nadal wide; but it was called back due to ticking the net. I wondered what effect that might have on the match and was shocked to see Fed then blow a swinging volley and lose SEVEN consecutive games.

He blew another lead in the second set; but won it. And then lost an easy third set. Perhaps even more than Roger losing confidence and his own momentum, you have to give credit to Nadal, who just never, ever gives up.

4 thoughts on “Naples 65 Singles Finals

  1. George,
    I read your comment on the Nadal/Fed match last weekend. I think Nadal’s call for a medical time-out had even more to do with the momentum swing. I think he realized his “questionable” conduct and played an unusually “quiet” match from then on. Best of luck next Tuesday.

  2. Gerhard, i had forgotten about Nadal’s “timely timeout.” It probably did have an impact on the momentum swing. tks.

  3. hope that practice is productive and shows up in your play! best of luck or should i say BEST of play.

  4. tks – just had my night-before pasta (and NO wine); and the weather is supposed to be a little cooler on Weds.

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