Daytona – Day 1 – Second match

In the afternoon match, we played the team from St. Pete; and I teamed up with Tom McCune, while Dick went back to team with Matt Davie; and Bob and Don stayed together on the first court.

Tom and I played OK against a young and good team. And OK wasn’t good enough. They beat us handily. Both other courts had close matches; but with the same result. So I am sorry to report, the Boys From Naples are 0-6 at the end of the first day.

Dick Valentine commented that was the first match he and Matt had lost at Daytona in two years of coming here for sectionals or nationals. They had been 10-0. But he also observed that was at the 4.0 level in the Super Seniors 60s; and here we are playing 4.5 and Seniors, mostly guys in their 50s. Much tougher competition.

We shall see what Saturday brings. (sorry, but the comment function seems to be not functioning on this post)