Daytona – Day 2

Well, our winless team took the court Saturday morning against another winless team from Orlando and the matches were all close.

Today, I was paired with Rich Whale, playing on the number one court. Sacrificial lambs?

Captain Bob Baker played with Don Wormke at number two; and Dick Valentine teamed again with Matt Davie at number three.

Our match was on the Stadium Court and had DeDe and about 15 casual observers, who saw some good play. In the first set, we lost by a break of serve; but had a put away overhead for one game to hold and an unconverted break point in another.

In the second set, we were again down a break and faced two match points at 5-4, 40-15. On the first one, I returned serve well, got a volley back to my forehand and hit a solid topspin drive down the middle, which ticked the net cord, and went over for a winner.

The next match point after Rich’s return of serve, they ended up driving three overheads at me at the net, and I luckily reflexed them all back and we saved another one.

We then went up break point; but couldn’t convert; and they eventually held to win the game, set, and match.

Our other two courts both went to third set tie breakers; but as fate would have it, we won neither.

In the afternoon matches against one of the strongest teams, which was out of Broward County, it was my turn to sit. While Bob and Don on the first court and Tom and Rich on the second courts lost in straight sets, Dick and Matt had a great match on the third court.

They were not successful serving for the first set at 5-4 or 6-5; but won the first set in a tie breaker. Then in the second set, they were serving for the match and our first victory at 5-3; but lost that game.

They managed to hold together and pull out a great second set victory at 7-5. It was great that our victory against two strong and young players from one of the top teams came at the hands of our two oldest players, who average 68 years between them.

Sunday morning will be our last match, starting at the uncivilized hour of 8:15 a.m.

1 thought on “Daytona – Day 2

  1. Win or lose, I think you guys are a tough bunch!
    Congrats Dick and Matt on your win.
    Hit freely today and enjoy being out there.


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