Daytona Day 1

After DeDe and I spent a nice vacation day in America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, we arrived in Daytona on Thursday. Four of us went out to the USTA center for a practice session and found it out in the open, across from the LPGA, and a stiff wind out of the northeast.

We had a team dinner and our Captain, Bob Baker, gave us the lineup for our matches today against the 4.5 / 50+ team from Jacksonville, Florida:

1- Bob and Don Wormke

2- Dick Valentine and me

3- Tom McCune and Rich Whale.

Our match turned in the first set on a call just like we debated in this forum last week. Dick and I were down a break; but had two break points at 15-40. During a long point, they hit a ball near the sideline, that I had to play; but we lost the point three shots later. And when I checked the mark, I saw it was just out; but too late to do any good for us. So we did NOT break them and lost the first set in one break.

The second set was all theirs. The Momentum on their side, they cruised through us with no problems. The other two courts had much closer matches; but with the same end result.

On the first court, Bob and Don split sets with their opponents and survived three match points to get to 9-9 in the deciding tie break; but lost it. Tom and Rich were up in both their first and second sets, serving for both sets; and lost both. So, it is now back to the courts for our second match of the day.

More to come.