The Fiery One’s Prostate

In case you didn’t know, Fred Stolle has joined our not-so-exclusive Prostate Eliminating Cancer Killing Erection Recovering Club and had his removed ten days ago.

According to The Fiery One, all is going along very well. Although he had the radical version of the surgery, he spent just one night in the hospital and then walked the next day. He came home that afternoon and made himself walk. The catheter was removed after one week and so far no problems.

He reports, “I also had an old hernia redone and it has been more painful than the prostate. I will be taking things easy for a few weeks and should be OK. The pathology report came back all clear! Thanks for all good thoughts and look forward to catching up later in the year. Cheers,” Fred.

As a well-deserved honor, I hereby nominate Fred as the South Florida PECKER Head!

4 thoughts on “The Fiery One’s Prostate

  1. hope all continues to go well! this is not a club I wanted to join, but…
    good thing there’s still something to stroke…the tennis ball!

  2. Glad to hear The Fiery One’s recuperation is coming along so well.
    Best wishes to Fred for a speedy recovery!

  3. I wish Fred a speedy recovery and full restoration to ALL of his bodily functions. Otherwise, how could he qualify for the dickhead award in future Tennis Fantasy Camps???? With Drysdale gone, Mr. “Good News” Davidson showing nothing but good news, and new guys like Gottfried and Leach apparently competing for the Mr. Congeniality award, Fred may just be our last hope. Get well soon, Fred!! – Marty

  4. Fred will still be messing up guys’ serves regardless of organ loss!
    Get well soon, Fred!

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