Luxilon revisited

About four months ago, I switched my strings to Luxilon Big Banger Timo, 17 gauge; and have some observations that may be worth sharing.

Wear: As advertised, these strings just do not wear out! I had my racquets restrung now, only because I know they should be. After playing with them for about eight weeks, they had loosened up enough; so the balls were ‘flying’ too much.

Tension and control: The theory on these strings is that they provide great feel; but not as much power (when strung at 58 lbs or so). So first time back on the court last night with a newly strung racquet, I felt like I could hit my forehand as hard as I wanted and it stays in (a great feeling). They also appear to put more spin on the ball; so shots that look like they are going long, can actually drop inside the baseline.

Vibration: Because the strings are so ‘hard’, the caution is that the vibration can cause arm problems. But in four months of very regular use, I have felt absolutely nothing.

So I am a convert.

1 thought on “Luxilon revisited

  1. I started using Lux last summer and found that It did help with control and power. However after two months I started having arm problems and discontinued using Lux. Like all dedicated players, that are always looking for an edge, I will try Lux again and make sure it was the strings that caused my problem.

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