Medical opinion needed

A regular visitor to this site asks a tennis-medical question that I cannot answer. Does anyone out there have an opinion that could help?

George, I enjoy reading your site. I am 53 and getting serious about tennis (currently a 4.0 player). But I suffer from type II diabetes, and a certain amount of anxiety/depression. Do you have any tennis colleagues who have similar conditions that I could consult with?

I’m wondering if the stress hormones running through my body when I get in “epic battles” on the court could actually be having, on balance, a detrimental effect on my long term health?

A recent nuclear stress test showed a 50% blockage in one of my coronary arteries. I’m just interested in comparing notes with fellow tennis players.


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  1. You need to discuss this with your Cardio Doc. A simple change in the Meds may help you with this issue……I am a Cardio patient and have found that is the best route to go! Good Luck!

  2. Hi George, I have type 2 diabetes and have undergone nuclear stress and rest tests (2 different tests). I don’t know what he’s looking for? Wouldn’t he be better served by a cardiologist? Let me know.

  3. I’m certainly not a doctor, but there is a growing body of evidence (researched and documented) that has other opinions then meds. Especially for type 2 diabetes.
    Let me know if you would like some sources to read.

  4. Thank you, Alan, Jim and Marc for your comments. I plan to keep working on my tennis game, and try to go more for a low fat, whole food diet with more anti-oxidants. I’m hoping that in a year or so, this atherosclerosis will start to reverse itself. Best regards.

  5. The results of a stress echo with the addition of an isotope study would go along ways in answering if he is at risk. If that study suggested significant lack of blood supply to the front wall of his heart then a cardiolgist might well recommend an angiogram which is the gold standard as far as difinitive information.
    Retired CV surgeon

  6. Thanks, Jim and Marc for your helpful comments. I’m going to make my diet lower in saturated fats, and take omega-3 fish oil and pomegranete extract, and see if this can’t reverse the blockage. If it doesn’t, and the blockage reaches 70%, my cardiologist will probably recommend angioplasty.

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