Cambier Park Doubles Quarters

Did you ever play someone who hit such an extreme “chop” slice on his forehand that the ball took the spin off your racquet and went down into the net? Well in our Friday quarter final match was against the team of Bob Gargiula (he who graduated from Hofstra the same year I did) and his regular partner, Alan Schreiber, both from New York, that is what we faced.

Dick Valentine and had beaten Bob with a different partner in Ft. Myers; but Alan was his regular (and much better) partner, who hit this incredible sliced ball on almost every shot (more extreme than even Newk Camper Willy Hoffmann!). Dick and I started off shakey and went down 4-0; but like the match before, were able to gain some traction and momentum while still losing the first set 6-3.

But we fell behind again in the second – not really being able to handle that extreme slice – and were not able to recover, losing 6-2.

The good news to take from this is that Dick and I really communicated well and came up with three different actions we took to make the match much closer than it was going to be; and even though the scores don’t look close, the points and games were, with the match lasting just under two hours.

Well next week is the Big One: the huge Category II tournament at the former Naples Bath & Tennis Club. There are a total of 357 players entered in this tournament, with 72 (!) entered in the 65 singles. My first round singles match is 11:30 Tuesday against another unseeded player, Richard Curvelo of Sarasota, Florida. And the winner of our match will have the fun the next day of playing the #1 seed and current #1 WORLD title holder, Fred Drilling. More to come.

4 thoughts on “Cambier Park Doubles Quarters

  1. Someone asked me what we tried to do to counteract the spin? Two things. One was to try to take everything in the air, and not let it dig into the court. And the other was to realize it was a lot like playing ping pong, where the spin would impact the ball off your racquet; so you have to open up your face a little on impact to get it over. Any other ideas?

  2. In tabletennis, instead of opening the face of your racket to “defend” against that chop you would recognize that the chopper’s spin rotates bottom to top TOWARD the chopper. As the receiver of that chop, the OFFENSIVE way to handle it would be to actually CLOSE the face of your racket & drive straight up on the ball to lift it over the net and actually increase the same directional spin you received. After your shot cleared the net, air pressure would act on that spin and push the ball down into the court. Gisermo Villas (spelling?) made an entire career of doing this. The closest player today that does this is Rafael Nadal.

  3. UPDATE: The team that beat us in the 65 quarters won their semis by the same score; and in the finals against the #1 seed team (Rudy Hernando and partner) took the first set — before losing the last two. AND, they won the 60 doubles section!

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