Cambier Park Doubles

In our first round 65 doubles match Thursday, Dick Valentine and I played two solid players, Tom Bazemore, Burlington, NC and Donald McGoldrick, Loudonville, NY (and Ireland). They must have scouted us or heard that you have to keep us off the net; because they started out lobbing every other shot.

Trouble was that they lobbed well and we didn’t hit our overheads well; so we found ourselves with Dick serving at 2-5 in the first set. We agreed the non-server should stand back a couple of more feet from the net to make the lob less attractive to them; and were able to hold serve.

We then broke serve and I was serving at 4-5. They made a couple of good shots and we made a couple of silly ones; so we lost the game and the first set.

But we felt we still had the momentum on our side. We split the first four games of the second set; but felt much more in control and still had a sense of MO on our side. It surfaced big time, as we won the next eight games to take the second set 6-2 and a 4-0 lead in the third. Don McGoldrick served a great game to slow us down a little; but we then held serve and broke again to win the match and the third set at 6-2.

On the next court was the match between our next round opponents: the #2 seeds Evert Jonnson (who I lost to in singles last year) and Hank Irvine, former Rhodesian Davis Cup player and a team from New York. They also split the first two sets, but the #2 seeds were up 2-5 and match point; when they defaulted (so they could not worry more about doubles and concentrate on their singles semi final matches; where they are seeded #2 and #3). Next match: Friday at 2 p.m.

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