Cambier Park Singles

My first round singles match today was against Gary Wilson from D.C., who played well in the first two tournaments; so I expected we would have a close match (even if I am now a “Big Time” seeded player!)… and we did.

During warm-up, I could see he hit a hard, deep forehand, a nice two-handed backhand, and served well. But he started off the match nervously and I was able to break his first service game. Trouble was, my serve was giving me all kinds of trouble; so even though I broke him three times in the first set, I kept giving it back the next game.

I was serving at 4-5, 15-40 (two set points against) and hit a topspin, cross-court backhand that he called out (I thought it looked to hit the line); and he then examined the mark on his own and reversed his call. I was able on the next break point to hit another topspin backhand to pass him at the net; and struggled to hold my serve; and then break him again to go up 6-5 and serving.

But alas, my serve let me down again, losing that game and not showing up for the tie breaker.

In the second set, he was the one who went up the break and I kept coming back, except for the last time; so he held to win at 7-6, 6-4. Two sets in two hours and ten minutes. I felt had I been able to get him into a third set, he would have not had much left in the tank. But I didn’t; so was able to be on time for dinner with Willy Hoffmann, fellow Newk camper, who just moved down here from Jersey.

I opted to save myself for the doubles, which starts on Thursday and not play in the consolation singles round.

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  1. A “Morning After” postscript: This may be rationalization; but even tho i did not play well yesterday, i sure did FEEL well! A third set would not have been a problem and this morning i feel great… my resting pulse is down, my weight is down, and my PSA is still zero!

  2. Note from George: John is a friend and tennis pro.

    Great to see you play and great to see DD as well. I was prepared to ride back to the house to get her a blanket and some hot tea, should you have gone three sets.

    Tough first set.. you seemed to get off a good start but midway through, you seemed to play rather responsively.. not really ‘taking it to the streets’ (Doobie Bros.). I thought you were being somewhat protective with the topper forehands (landing too short). I think the spin took too much pace off of your shot and gave him too much time & bounce. He had a pretty good shot off the higher forehand side. Over all, in the first set, about two games worth of service return errors may have cashed you out by tie-breaker time.

    By the 5th game in the second set, I was convinced that you were playing his backhand way too much! It seemed to be his staple shot–even when he was late his left hand got him through at about any elevation and you appeared to be kind of pulling at yours, not really challenging him. I thought you may not have noticed that he was having a real problem moving to his right at mid-set. He was also kind of gimping a bit between points–looked to me like he may have been hurt. You got some quick points on it but then went back to backhand rallies and he seemed to recover. I though you missed the taxi on that one.

    All in all, I’m sure you would have taken him in three, but DD told me you had dinner plans.

    Just a thought.. I was playing dubs with Ken Sinclair and Chuck DeVoe a few weeks ago. Ken told me I had a great slice forehand return of serve, and he said, “You must have a good slice forehand to play in the 65’s.”

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