Singles quarter finals + first doubles

Although I was somewhat dehydrated from all the play on Wednesday, Tuesday morning I felt pretty good for my quarter final singles match against the “two forehanded” #3 seed, Steve Lundsford from Stuart, Florida.

After a few games, I settled into the strategy of hitting my open-face forehand, deep to the ad court (his lefty forehand) and coming to the net. When I was able to execute that plan, I was generally successful; but I made too many other groundstroke errors.

After we exchanged four opening games service breaks, the score was 2-2; he held serve in the next game, and I did not. That was the first set: 6-3, one break of serve.

The second set had close points and games; but he really served well (lefty) when he needed to, and ran down shots I thought were winners. The score read 6-1; but the clock read just shy of two hours for the two sets. Jack Lease: you were there, what did you see?

After lunch (and doing work on my laptop through the club’s Wifi network), Dick Valentine and I had our first doubles match against a steady and crafty team from Sarasota.

Although they were in our same age group, they seemed “older” and less mobile than Dick and me. We played solid, aggressive, take-the-net tennis and was able to win 6-2, 6-2 in an hour and a half of some long and intricate points.

Singles is done for this one; and we play our quarter-final doubles this afternoon at 1 p.m. against a New York team, seeded #2.

3 thoughts on “Singles quarter finals + first doubles

  1. (Jack Called me to say) Yes, he had a very strong, lefty serve that got him out of trouble several times on break points. And he had great legs; could run down everything. The only thing you could have done differently was to take some of his loopier groundstrokes in the air and try to volley away for a winner; but that is a very tough stroke.

  2. “seemed older” and less mobile…nice guy? win the doubles for the “Prostate” kids!

  3. How clever you are George. You no longer have to lug that big, heavy prostate gland around. Gives you a decided advantage. If you had realized this trick earlier I suspect you would have had the darn thing removed years ago.

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