Strings Part II

There are many good comments on the subject of strings in the posting below this one. And Tuesday, I played singles with my young, lefty friend and used racquets with BOTH the new Luxilon strings and the old Techno-fiber strings.

What I found was the Luxilon Big Banger 17 gave me more control, allowed me to swing harder; but with less power. When I switched to the racquet with the Techno-fiber strings the ball jumped off the strings more and landed 2-3 longer, with the same swing. So the key question for me is: Is it better to have a racquet that allows me to swing harder (and probably put more topspin on the ball); or to have one that does more of the work for me? Seems to me, that the free/hard swing is better than having the controlled, more powerful swing. Like the pro golfers who will use a longer, rather than shorter, iron so that they can swing loosely and not press on their swing.

What do you think?

3 thoughts on “Strings Part II

  1. George,
    Each person will have their own preference, but I usually recommend going with the string and racquet that give you what your swing type does not –if your swing is fairly compact, a little slower, and more controlled, go w/ the racquet and strings that give you more pop — if you take a huge cut at the ball and have plenty of your own power, go with the more control-oriented type of racquet and strings that will allow you to take your normal cut at the ball and “swing out” at it.
    The racquet and strings, like a good partner, will then compliment your game, giving you what your swing style may not.
    Just my two cents worth.
    Hope your preparation for camp is going well!
    –Jimmy Miller

    Jimmy – GREAT comment!  thanks.

  2. George – I would agree with Jimmy, pick the combo that ENHANCES your natural game, you shouldnt have to change your game to fit the strings. That said, maybe try lowering the tension on the LUXILON racket to give you a little more POWER and SPIN? You didnt say if you were using a hybrid of LUXILON and TECHNIFIBRE – if not, that could be the best combo – LUXILON on the mains or ask your stringer. Also, LUXILON is meant to be strung several pounds lower than your usual tension due to the stiffness of the string. You certainly dont want to induce any arm problems either.

    Mark – I am now using just the Luxilon on the mains and crosses.  I may first try changing tension.  thanks.

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