A set is very short

A set is short: Playing singles against a friend in New Hampshire, he won the first game at love and talked on the change over about going for a “Golden Set.”

He had just read in the June issue of Tennis Magazine about Bill Scanlon’s 15 minutes of fame in 1984 when he won a set 6-0 and didn’t lose a single point.

Well, as I started serving the second game, he won the first two points and was up 0-30. I paused and pointed out that in that short space of time, he was 25% on the way to his goal.

When you stop to think about it, it takes very few points to win a set (24) and he had just won six of them. The lesson here? We really should play each point for its own little value; because you string just a few of them together and Big MO is suddenly on your side.

P.S. He won the set; but not Golden.