Playing well

Playing well Sometimes you play well and win. Sometimes you play poorly and lose. And sometimes, funny things happen.

This past weekend, I played up in New Hampshire for the first time this season against one of my regular summertime opponents, Bob Wilkie, a solid lefty. We only had time for a long warmup and one set. From my side, the highlights of the match were:

  • My first serve percentage: about 70%.
  • Double faults: zero.
  • Unforced errors: two.
  • Final score: 6-2 Wilkie.

Sometimes you can play about as well as you can; and the other guy just plays better. That is about the score he usually beats me; so I wasn’t overly discouraged.

What you take away from a match like that is the ability to concentrate on winning points and games. And if you can do that, sometimes, you can get close or actually pull the upset (which I plan on doing this summer).