Federer retooling his game?

After watching Federer lose to Canas at the Sony Ericsson,

my local tennis pro said he believed Roger was “just practicing.”

He believes that the majority of Fed’s 50 unforced errors were on high backhands, where Fed was trying to hit over the top and with power. That is his Achilles heal when he plays Nadal; so my pro feels that is what he is working on now, in order to beat Nadal at the French (and join the small club of tennis greats who have won all four majors).

Like Tiger Woods retooled his golf swing and accepted the tournament loses that came with the process, my pro feels Roger is doing the same.

But noted tennis writer (and fellow Newk camper) Joel Drucker feels differently, “He may be retooling, but he also just simply lost a match. The technical thought from your pro is insightful, I suppose, but I also think all of us — from media to aficionado — can get a bit ahead of ourselves advancing these story lines.”

“I mean, it’s one thing if we see Lendl serve and volleying on hardcourts in March in an effort to win Wimbledon — though that’s not how he did it. But another for us to project that just because Fed’s wins at these events are seemingly (seemingly) pro forma that he’s now setting his sights on bigger fish. Tricky.”

“And besides, like Nadal, Canas is one of those grinders who makes Fed hit yet one more ball. Maybe Fed needs to get to net more.”

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