Day #2

Well, I have had my fill of Swedes! Today’s second round was against the #2 seed, Evert Jonsson, formerly of Sweden and now living on the Florida panhandle.

The weather had changed dramatically from yesterday: breezy and cool, with highs only in the 60’s. So it was better for singles play; but the weather didn’t help me much.

I played “OK”; but he was better than me… in that he got a much higher percentage of first serves in (in tough places) and pushed me around better than I could him.

We started the match with four straight breaks of serve; but after that, he won all the critical points. While the score was a disappointing 6-2, 6-0, the match took about an hour and a half; so we had lots of good long points and close games.

Trouble is, he won them all. Or maybe I ‘let him’ win them all. He thought that I had tired from my long, hot match on Monday (which he scouted); but I didn’t really feel tired. What I think – and this is the lesson to be learned from this loss – is that in the start, I was really hitting the ball loosely and with good depth. And then as the match wore on, I poked at the ball and gave him the shorter ball, which he could drive cross court or down the line.

Nice guy and nice player.

But we were playing on the court next to the #1 seed (and current #1 in the nation) Jimmy Parker – and that is still another level of tennis above us.

Tom McCune and I have been given the #2 seed in the doubles; so we have a bye on Thursday and play of second round match late Friday afternoon. Trouble is: there are several very good and unseeded teams – including Mr. Parker and his partner!