Tournament #1

Today was day #1 of tournament #1 at the Colonial Country Club in Ft. Myers. My first singles match was against Jim Johanson, who is wintering here from Sweden. Jim is a solid player with good groundstokes and a fairly steady game.

My early strategy was to avoid his stronger forehand and hit deep to his backhand and come in when possible. That worked and got me up a break and serving 3-2; when I played a terrible game and gave the break back to him.

But in the next game, he played an equally bad game – and was really spraying his forehand all over the place. So I focused on his forehand and ran off three games and the first set at 6-3.

He settled down at the start of the second and we were on serve for the first five games. The temperature was a near-record 86 degrees and I was starting to wilt a little; but I thought he was wilting a little more than I was.

I broke to go up 4-2; but like the first set played another poor game and gave the break back. Playing tournaments do really test you both physically and mentally!

I was able to get my act together; basically just keeping the ball in play for long points, till he got tired/frustrated and missed a shot. Final score: 6-3, 6-3.

Tomorrow’s match is the #2 seed, Evert Jonsson from Destin, in the north of Florida.

By the way, my doubles partner Tom McCune reached one of our common goals: he played well and beat the #5 seed, Rich Boddicker from Denver (who was also suffering from transition shock to this climate).

4 thoughts on “Tournament #1

  1. Way to go George. I suspect your “nerves” gave him his six games.
    If Tom reads this..WAY to GO partner!!!

  2. George, I have personal knowledge about your dramatic fluid loss problems so I hope you are keeping up on the potassium and fluids. Way to go. Your rock steady game prevaled. Terry

  3. Marc – yes, I think at least four of his six games were ones that i lost — rather than he won!

    Terry – No Cramping problem at this match! I think the new “cocktail” i am taking does the trick for me: potassium pill, Medilyte pills from Newk camp, and an amino acids drink (with calcium and magnesium).

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