Ready for tennis camp?

Ready for tennis camp? It is only one week away from the annual (my fourth) adventure of going to the John Newcomb Fantasy Tennis Camp outside of San Antonio. Am I ready?

Well, like the pros point to majors in their training, so have I. Over the summer, I started thinking about what I needed to do to get the most out of the week – and NOT get injured.

TENNIS: Most of the summer, there was a good cadre of players (Thanks to all my New Hampshire buddies!) to run me around the tennis court five-six times a week, mostly singles. I don’t think my game got any worse this last year; and actually tried to work on some of my weaknesses with some challenging drills and competitive matches. We shall see.

CONDITIONING: In addition to the tennis, weight training was part of the ritual – with an objective of working out two times a week; mostly upper body exercises to build some strength and endurance. My brother had given me a yoga DVD and my son gave me one on Pilates; so I have been doing stretching and core strengthening on a regular basis – it really seems to have helped the on-court movement and reaching.

EQUIPMENT: My racquets are all freshly strung, three new pairs of New Balance shoes are going to be unpacked and broken in this week, and I even have a fresh supply of Thorlo tennis socks to soften the impact of those Texas hard courts.

To all those who will be there: See you soon! To those not having the first-hand pleasure, if you are interested, check out the daily diary starting in one week.

8 thoughts on “Ready for tennis camp?

  1. Go get ’em George – I admire your focus on improvement … in spite of the pain. As they say, no pain … no gain.

  2. George –
    I’d l ike to do the same, maybe next year or during my Winter or Spring break.
    Promise: This year, you can become a ranked palyer (if you’re not already). You have become mentally much tougher. Good luck!

  3. I look forward to seeing you there again George – it will be my fourth time as well,
    albeit spread out over eleven years. If you’re playing as well as you did last year, you’re good to go.
    Looking forward to catching up at Newk’s!

  4. Good stuff, George. You’re building the intensity and I look forward to seeing you again at Newk’s.



  5. Hi George, thanks for all the emails over the past year. Sounds like you are doing all the right things to maintain your tennis at a very high level. It can only help the Wankers. Everything is working on my body. ie. no injuries this year so I am ready to go. See you in a week. Jack

  6. Hey George, I am all jealous. This wouldhave been my 12th year. Unfortunately i have some health issues, which need to be ironed out before. Actually I was lucke two years ago, that nothing serious resulted from playing at Newks. Good luck and a lot of fun for all campers! Rolf

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