The US Open

Phil Banks from Naples had these observations (my comments are in CAPS):

The Agassi/Pavel first round match has to be the most exciting since Jimmy connors came from 2 sets down to beat Patrick McEnroe in 1991. I THINK THE AGASSI-BLAKE 5 SETTER FROM LAST YEAR HAS TO BE RIGHT UP THERE.
Should Andre get to round 4 he has to face the new and improved andy Roddick. No matter how successful the Conners/Roddick relationship, I still see it as a short marriage. IF THEY CAN STAY TOGETHER FOR ONE FULL YEAR, THAT WILL BE ALL RODDICK WILL NEED TO HEAR THE BEST JIMBO HAS TO OFFER.

The shot-spot instant replay is working GREAT. It is fast and accurate.This will prevent someone getting robbed of a call. AND IT IS ALSO A REAL BENEFIT FOR THE PLAYERS WHO USED TO LET THOSE CALLS FESTER AND FESTER; AND REALLY IMPACT THEIR PLAY.

How about the maria Sharapove commercial, ” I am Pretty” She will make about $20 million this year!!!  IT SHOULD READ: “I FEEL PRETTY (RICH)”

3 thoughts on “The US Open

  1. If tennis was a marathon, Federer and Nadal would be the Kenyans — who are just better than the rest of the runners.

  2. George, allow me the indulgence of offering my highlights of the first week of the US Open (watching from TV).

    1. No question the Agassi vs Pavel and Agassi vs Baghdatis matches were the highlights of the week. Pavel was playing great – the Pavel backhand is a thing of beauty. Baghdattis is an extremely likable player. He plays the game with such honest emotion. And what can you say about Andre. The guts he showed to hang in there with these guys (and defeat them) when he was in pain, big time, this was something that just adds to the legend. Riveting tennis and TV.

    2. The “I feel pretty” commercial with Sharapova is very clever and well done. It gets repeated too many times on TV and become a bit annoying, but it is the best tennis – related commercial ever made. Nike makes great commercials.

    Sharapova looks very very tough in her early matches. She is not good at the post-match live interviews. You can tell she has lived a very sheltered life and is a bit immature and talks in clichés .

    3. When Roddick is on his game and playing with intensity he is a real threat. That’s great for US tennis. But his matches (when he wins) are boring TV. The big serve (and quick games) is just boring to watch on TV. But I like Andy and hope he goes to the finals.

    4. I think Mauresmo is very attractive as a person and as a tennis player. I know she is gay. That’s fine. She looks great on the court and has a warm and friendly personality. I like her game. I like her as a person.

    5. The Safin vs Nalbandian match was incredible. The final point (won by Safin) shows the power of getting your opponent to hit one more shot – one more than they expect to hit.

    6. Just as good, the Haas vs Ginepri match. Both guys left everything they had on the court. The Haas backhand is so solid and a thing of beauty. Ginepri played with a lot of guts but lost some focus in the final tiebreaker.

    That’s the report. Thanks. Mark

  3. Mark – we mus be ‘tennis brothers under the skin’! i agree with all your comments!

    Thanks for sharing.

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