Connors, Courier. and Roddick

If you watched the RCA Indianapolis final over the weekend, you saw the result of Andy Roddick’s two-week visit with his new advisor: Jimmy Connors! Can he help him?

It would seem that Jimbo gave him the same advice that we novices did: be more aggressive with your ground stokes and come to the net to put the ball away. The style appeared to suit him well – although he does not yet own the put away volley, and blocks the ball back to the open court too much.

That is exactly what he did during the deciding third set tiebreaker, which he lost to #1 US player, James Blake. Courier commented that Andy should not have tried his new game ‘during crunch time’; but should have played his old game, that he was more comfortable with.

I believe if you are going to commit to changing your style, you need to do it during crunch time to really own it. What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Connors, Courier. and Roddick

  1. If Brad gilbert can’t help Roddick, at least he fired him, I dont see how Conners will help, for LONG.He has had 4 coaches in 4 years. Im glad Blake beat him.

    This is the first time shot spot was used . Out of about 48 challenges almost half were OVERTURNED. They will use this in the hard court series and in the US Open

    Speaking of changes I think the US Open should be like the other majors, it is crazy to have the 5th set be decided by a tiebreak

  2. Connors had an excellent return of serve and this is a weakness of Andy, so in theory, this is an area of potential improvement.

    I think Andy is very sensitive to press coverage of his career, and the addition of Connors to his team gives a temporary positive buzz to his PR. And I think Connors may think he can regain some celebrity by getting credit for putting Andy back on top.

    I expect Andy will play better in the hard court tournaments over the next few months, but I’m guessing he won’t be in the top 10 at the end of the year.

    I think Blake’s game is still improving and he has the most potential to stay with the top 10 guys.

    George, agree completely with you that when you work on changing your strokes or tactics, you have to use the new stuff in crunch time in real matches. If you don’t, the change you are striving for won’t happen or will take a very long time. I’m not that impressed with Courier’s commentary. Are you ?

  3. In sports history there have been very few great players, that have made great coaches/managers. Most great coaches are atheletes that were not stars. A few examples are Vince lombardi, Red Auerbach etc.Great players like Ted Williams, Ty Cobb, Pete Rose all were mediocre managers.They cannot relate to the average player, and can’t understand why they can’t hit .300 That is why a Brad Gilbert makes a better coach than Jimmy conners. Look at the great coaches in all sports , and only a handfull were great coaches/managers. An exception to this would be the great John Wooden, who was an all-american at purdue.Wooden never played pro ball.This does not mean that Jimmy conners can’t help Andy roddick, but the odds of him being a Great coach are very slim.Phil Jackson and pat Reilly and even bobby Knight were good players, but not great.The Bill Russell’s never make great coaches.That is my coaching theory

  4. Mark – on Courier’s commentary: i really like the freshness of his approach. LIke Johnny Mac, he is not afraid to critisize on the air. I don’t always agree with what he says; but like how he says it.

  5. Connors will be of no help to Roddick. As usual Connors is on an ego trip. Roddick has some problems with his game but on a hard court he is a real threat and we will see him in the semis or finals this summer.

  6. I was part right with my comments on July 26th. It’s good to see Andy playing well again.

  7. Jack – i think Jimmy’s prime benefit to Roddick will be that Andy knows one of the all time greats is watching every match and EXPECTING him to play more agressively and come to the net. That mental attitude has already made a difference in his game. Roddick is big and quick … and can put a lot of pressure on his opponents by hugging the baseline and coming to the net.

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