Too late to learn?

A Florida tennis friend just wrote me when I inquired about his game, “I always think I’m improving. That is the nature of an aging tennis player. What is really happening is that I am always learning.” That quote comes from Jack Lease, who just turned 72!

That is the right attitude to have, unless you want to live in the past and remember the ‘shots you used to have’ and how well you used to play; before age stole your game.

Today is my 63rd birthday* and my tennis buddies tell me my game is better now than it ever was before! I am sure that I am in better shape than I was 10-15 years ago; maybe not quite as fast, but in better condition.

And coming up against the tournament players in my age group, I see that both my game and my conditioning can still get better (if I work at them). So, here is to the future!

* I was born 6-3-43 and Rafael Nadal was born 6-3- 43 years later; so happy birthday Raffa!