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Here is some research done by a good New Hamphsire tennis buddy of mine, B. Manning:

Hi George:

    Here is my research and decision on racquets:

1)     Babalot Pure Drive-liked the balance of power and control but in reviews I have read seems to be a theme of arm problems that people have experienced-did not want to have that issue so I did not continue with it but felt it was a nice racquet

2)     Catapult 2-liked the feel-plenty of pop on serves and volleys but thought it was difficult on shots I had to reach for or was not balanced to hit-the hard serve down the middle that you have to really extend to get to I felt like the ball would sail on me-playing singles on the clay where you might have a little time to set up it might be better-did not like it at all on the soft angle shots or lobs from inside the court-

3)     DNX-V1-not quite sure what all the DNX is but fell in love with the racquet-it is slightly heavier than the Cat-2 but has a slightly less swing weight-has more pop than the old V1 but does not sacrifice on control-not as powerful as Cat-2 and just a bit less stiff-the balance is 2 points head light where the Cat-2 is 4 points head heavy but they feel very close

I bought it thru Tennis Warehouse and the site has quite a bit of info on racquet technology and what terms like swing weight, balance and sweet spot  mean and how it affects performance and feel-check it out it might be helpful for Senior Tennis

I hope you are well and looking forward to seeing you soon



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  1. Hi George,

    The racquets B. were trying all have different “swingweights” (the combination of stationary weight on a scale, and balance — head-light,head-heavy, or weight evenly distributed.

    “swingweight” is how the racquet feels moving through the air, and is probably the single most important specification of a racquet, but overall size and shape will also contribute to a racquet’s maneuverability and power level.

    Tennis warehouse is a great source for racquet specs. and info (I work at another tennis shop and refer to TW’s website from time-to-time.)
    ps– Volkl’s DNX is their version of a stronger form of graphite.

  2. Very timely, as I’m going through the process of finding a new racquet.

    I figured out that my swing speed is too fast for the racquet I play with now: Volkl Cat 2. This results in not enough consistency on my ground strokes, especially the forehand, which used to be very consistent; but it does help my kicker serve.

    Tennis Warehouse is were I’ve been doing a lot of research and their racquet demo program is excellent. At the moment I’m demo-ing a “Prince 03 Tour racquets, mid-plus.”  Have only hit with it for 15 minutes so far, but like the feel very much. I will also try the “03 white racquet”

  3. Thanks for setting up the above info on tennis – gppd tp see a variety of comments on different subjects

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